Your heart is stronger than your mind and is fully capable of healing your relationship with food.

Welcome to the Loving Diet.

It’s time to use your heart to heal the difficult relationship you have with food. 

It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jessica Flanigan Brown. My professional practice is as an eating disorder coach specializing in self-compassion. As a Self-Compassion teacher and clinical nutritionist, I’ve helped thousands of people heal — physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. My work, experiences, and learnings inspired The Loving Diet, a mind-body book supporting those with autoimmune disease, and will serve as the foundation of our journey here together. I’ve been practicing clinical nutrition for 25 years and have added Self-Compassion to my clinical work in the last eight years. I am a trained facilitator and guide to heart-centered self-compassion for eating disorders, reparenting, and core belief work. I am the creator of Transformational Eating, an evidence-based 6-week skills course that uses self-compassion to heal disordered and emotional eating. 

My professional interests include disordered and emotional eating at midlife, using self-compassion for chronic illness relapse and orthorexia, and novel gut restoration for IBD and IBS. 

I recently graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine’s CCARE Applied Compassion Training program. I live in Northern Californian with my husband and our four daughters. 

I offer various functional test options, and advanced gut restoration approaches in my clinical work, along with my Self-Compassion for Disordered Eating online classes and individual coaching.

Fun facts; I’m a Human Design Manifesting Generator, Capricorn, and 1w2 Enneagram. I’m also an identical twin and a longtime meditator. My favorite movies are Contact and Interstellar.



The challenging relationship you have with food is here to awaken you to something that holds a benefit of some kind.


Stanford University School of Medicine CCARE Applied Compassion Training- Certified Compassion Teacher/Educator – 2022

Mindful Self-Compassion 8-week course 2021

Dr. Robert Waterman, private intern 2016-present

Quimby Institute- Certified Noetic Field Balancing Practitioner Training -2017

Certified Clinical Nutritionist, IAACN – 2006

Eastern Illinois University, BS, Environmental Biology- 1994


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Summit Presentations

  • Secrets to Mastering Menopause: Self-Compassion for Menopause 2022
  • Autoimmune Summit (with Elsa Quarsell), May 2021
  • Conscious Eating Summit (Dr. Nancy Crowell), June 2019
  • Empowered Autoimmune Mastermind Summit Guest Speaker (Ali Le Vere), January 2018
  • Further Food Autoimmune Awareness Month Guest Speaker, April 2017
  • Feed A Brain Summit (Cavin Balister), February 2017
  • The Professional Women’s Weight & Wellness Symposium, January 2016

    Live Conference Presentations

    • Microbiome Medicine Conference, San Francisco, 2019 & 2018
    • Sarah Zielsdorf Functional Medicine Clinic, Chicago, 2018
    • The Loving Diet Workshop, Chicago, 2016



    Be sure to check out my book, The Loving Diet!

    How can we make our life work for us instead of against us? Can the entire nature of disease actually be a gift? Can joy and abundance be yours in unlimited amounts— despite the presence of illness? What is the role of forgiveness and held beliefs in relation to disease? The Loving Diet™ introduces a fresh approach to your current health care plan: Love.

    The Loving Diet examines the spiritual, heart-centered side of healing, incorporating a new compassion-based mindfulness approach to heal what ails you through diet, love, and trust.

    In addition to teaching you exactly how to incorporate care into how you approach your illness, it provides loving affirmations, helpful sidebars, and prescriptive exercises, as well as stories of people who have followed The Loving Diet™ and experienced its extraordinary benefits.