An evidence-based disordered eating healing breakthrough:



& reparenting.


Self-Compassion is extending kindness to parts of you that hurt. This course will teach you to develop that practice for eating. Combined with the skills of reparenting, truly remarkable things happen. This class is a unique blend of deeply supportive course work combined in a support group setting. It includes components of self-kindness, mindfulness, inner-child work, and somatic healing. I developed this program while studying at Stanford University’s CCARE Applied Compassion Training program. I ran a study that found that participants increased kindness and body awareness by over 30% in just six weeks. Those are key elements to healing disordered eating. Now, you can too! This eight-week live class will teach you how to relate to the part of yourself struggling with food differently starting on DAY ONE.

Introducing Transformational Eating™

A new way to heal disordered eating

Transformational Eating™

A new way to heal disordered eating that doesn’t require years of therapy.

Sometimes we need tenderness more than mindfulness

It’s Monday, and you’re about to spend another week struggling to find a peaceful relationship with food. This week though, you’re going to get serious about getting your thinking “right” around food so it doesn’t occupy all your thoughts. Once that’s “fixed,”  you’ll make “healthier” choices and finally mindfully or intuitively eat.

But, deep down, perhaps you think a part of you might be unfixable, unloveable, or even permanently broken, and nothing you have tried has been able to really help you change the endless loop of thoughts this creates. Logically you know none of this could possibly be true, but nothing has really helped. Until now, your relationship with food has been the most effective way to comfort, soothe and control yourself, and it feels like you will never find the peace you long for.

Sound familiar?

How would it feel to heal what is driving your food behaviors and develop a kindness-based healing practice that will not feel exhausting?  That’s what you will learn in Transformational Eating.

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 Class Information


This class will be beneficial if you struggle with self-criticism or are a chronic perfectionist that’s always chasing ‘the best’ and running from failure. Self-compassion has been scientifically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-critical thoughts. And developing a consistent practice has been linked to improved well-being and happiness.

In the eight weeks, you will learn:

  • Simple tools to build a lifelong compassion practice for responding in a kind, compassionate way when you experience painful emotions around food or eating. 
  • How to understand the belief system you use to stay safe through your relationship with food and how to use self-compassion to change it. 
  • How to trust yourself and understand what might be getting in the way of that. 
  • Develop a compassion practice that weaves self-kindness, Inner-parenting and Parts Work. 
  • How to go beyond Intuitive Eating, HAES and diet culture and deeply trust what aligns with you and how to care for your body from a self-compassion model. 

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Class cost: $375 

Everything is included in the cost, including the workbook and meditations. 

I will record any class you cannot attend and keep it on the zoom cloud for a week to view. 

I keep the classes small (a maximum of ten people), so please sign up as soon as possible to assure yourself of a spot. This is a very hands-on and interactive class, so be sure you don’t miss more than a class or two.


Comments from recent classes: 

“This class has transformed how I relate to my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and I feel better able to be with difficult emotions, memories, and experiences without needing to fix, hide, or numb.”

“Jessica provided an immense amount of diverse tools, ideas, educational resources, concepts, meditations, and vulnerable personal anecdotes that facilitated with helping me begin the process of healing my relationship with food and my body. If you are looking for a safe and supportive space to be able to start your healing journey, look no further than this course with Jessica.

“This course was well worth the money, time, and energy. The levels of deep healing and transformation that this has initiated in my life is truly something I’ve never experienced before and has created the groundwork for a truly nourishing and compassionately navigated life. Jessica is so extremely powerful in her abilities to support, see, guide, and offer insights that help her clients to nestle deeper into alignment with love and true healing. This allows clients, like me, to more deeply align with our bodies and that inner knowing that can guide us forward. So grateful and so appreciative and so inspired by Jessica and this work.”

“You create such incredible safety for your students; this experience has truly changed me. Thank you again for creating this course and for role modeling so much love and vulnerability.”

“I’m finding myself being softer and kinder to myself. When I have a moment of frustration or hostility towards myself, I can think back to the class and remember, oh yes, there is another way.”

“Deeper understanding of my issues associated with eating”

“Absolutely amazing” 

“This class has made me feel less alone and reminds me there is nothing wrong with me.”


Please message me ( if you have any questions. I am so excited to spend eight weeks with you! Giving yourself the gift of self-compassion is genuinely a gift that keeps on giving, and especially important because it supports whatever path feels right to you, no matter what you choose as far as lifestyle or diet.

What this course is and isn’t.

Transformational Eating is a set of self-compassion skills I’ve developed that will help you relate differently to the part of you struggling with food and focuses on you, your history, and your values instead of how and what you eat.

Transformational Eating is not a diet or a specific way of eating, nor is it a form of Intuitive Eating or mindful eating.

Transformational Eating improves body trust by increasing Interoceptive Awareness, which is the ability to trust signals your body gives you. This is done by teaching you to find core beliefs in your eating patterns and use self-compassion to release them.

This is done through a step-by-step process Jessica has developed over the last ten years, including inner-child, belief work, and somatic awareness.

Transformational Eating is not a diet nor is anti-diet. It’s also not an eating approach like Intuitive Eating or Mindful Eating.

It’s a customized form of Self-Compassion that teaches self-kindness to transform judgments and untrue beliefs around your relationship with food.

Don’t take my word for it, look at my research!

yes, I conducted a research study!

My participants increased their self-compassion and body awareness by over 30%

In my study group, participants increase kindness towards themselves in every category. 

Interoceptive Awareness (trusting and interpreting body signals) increased in all areas. 

Showed that Self-Compassion increases Interoceptive Awareness which is key to overcoming disordered eating.