A new way to heal emotional & disordered eating

With Self-Compassion + Reparenting

Transformational Eating™ is the first evidence-based approach that heals disordered eating through Self-Compassion blended with Reparenting skills.

Join me for an 8-week online program to help you heal disordered eating and build your own self-kindness practice. 


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Your relationship with food is about to change for good.

Have you searched most of your life for the secret formula to find peace with food? Are you exhausted by the search? Tired of trying to get your thinking around food “right?” Then, you’re in the right place. Transformational Eating™ is about turning inward and learning how to be kinder to yourself with Self-Compassion. Being compassionate and tender with yourself can heal your lifelong struggle with food, and it’s evidence-based. 

Hundreds of studies show that self-compassion heals disordered & emotional eating.


Now there is a class for it.

Are you ready to stop the exhaustion cycle your eating keeps you trapped in?

What exactly is Self-Compassion? It’s extending kindness to any part of yourself that is hurting. Kindness can be extended to parts of yourself that might be upset, confused, or hopeless about food and eating, and it’s an effective way to heal.

I’ve developed a program that will take you step-by-step to change your relationship with food through kindness, not restriction or fixing.

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“It’s not about the food. It’s about the relationship to the part ofyourself that makes decisions about food.”

(drum roll, please)

I’m Jessica Flanigan Brown – an experienced guide. 

 I believe the most profound healing humans do is to remember they are capable and lovable. I wrote a book about that called The Loving Diet. I help others trust that process and learn practical, compassion-based solutions beyond what happens in a therapist’s office. How? We can learn to soothe our feelings of pain through self-compassion, which changes our mental-emotional state, body chemistry and heals our inner-child. In thousands of studies, self-compassion has been shown to be an effective self-healing tool, improving body image, emotional resilience, immune system function and healing shame.

I’m a Stanford-trained compassion teacher, clinical nutritionist, spiritual coach, and noetic field practitioner. My professional practice is as an eating disorder coach with a specialty in self-compassion.


Love is the medicine, your heart is the pharmacy.

Jessica Flanigan

Self-compassion is the inner-parenting and self-healing tool (you’ve never heard of) that heals disordered & Emotional eating.

And I can show you how to use it to heal.

A revolutionary program just for you

Eight-Week Online Disordered & Emotional Class

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. No matter how much you try, you constantly battle the inner eater voice in your head.

2. Your thoughts are constantly preoccupied and filled with eating and food preparation. 

3. You feel it is a battle of wills, getting ahead and stronger than your disordered eating voice to heal. 

4. Are you trapped in your should’s and shouldn’t around food? Tired of beating yourself up for not meeting the expectations of perfection?

Break the cycle and learn how your heart can help with emotional eating. My research-based six-week class developed at Stanford will transform your relationship with the part of you that struggles with food. Part support group, part classroom, build your self-compassion skills and get free from the grip of your inner food critic.

Just you and me

Coaching 1:1

Groups not your style? I’m a Stanford trained compassion teacher and a spiritual coach with 25 years of experience. We can create a custom healing plan just for you. I practice a specialized blend of somatic-based self-compassion that gets to the root of the issue around food. Years of talk therapy are no longer required.

100% customized for you

Clinical Nutrition

With more than 25 years of experience as a clinical nutritionist, my practice offers specialized and progressive nutrition services that target the whole-body impact of restrictive dieting and gut restoration, including sensitivity/stool testing and lab interpretation.

Why Self-Compassion Works for disordered and emotional eating:

It’s all true!

01Self-Compassion is evidence-based. There are over 30,000 studies so far! 

02It’s easy to learn and starts working immediately

03Increases self-improvement and motivation

04Research shows it decreases negative self-talk and shame 

05Improves emotional resilence and body trust 

Self Compassion

Have I got your attention yet? Let’s get started using your heart to heal.

Testimonials about Transformational Eating….

I felt like I started to break down the walls protecting my heart despite years and years of therapy.


Today I have the tools to manage my relationship with food that I learned in Transformational Eating, and the hamster wheel of negative self-talk has left the building.


Before I took Jessica’s course, I was completely hopeless that I would overcome my eating disorder. I had tried everything… I’m coming up on two months of not practicing the eating disorder, and for the first time in years. 


Jessica provided a different way of viewing my disease… by asking me to consider that RA was a gift, an opportunity to fulfill my potential. At the time, it sounded ridiculous, but it opened up a mindset of having grace with myself… Thank you for helping me heal.


My healing journey felt stalled like I was hitting a ceiling, and that ceiling was way too low… And, the class proved to be the balm I needed.  It was actually Transformational.